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Awaken Mineral Bath


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Product Description

This soothing mix of rose petals, salt crystals and minerals is the perfect way to warm up during the cool fall months. The Awaken bath enhances our spiritual connection to the vibrational element of water easing us into a restful and restorative space.

Activated & embodying the unconditional love to self, Mother Earth frequency and intuition Awakening vibrations. Charged with the feminine and powerful Moon energy.

The salt crystals not only has over 26 essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium and sodium but also improve circulation, heal rheumatism and help conquer stress.


Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Sea salt, sodium bicarbonate, rose petals and our special Awaken Blend infused with natural herbs.

Dissolve a handful of mineral salt into a warm bath. Soak for 20 minutes and shower off.

Customer Reviews

Teresa R. - 10/01/2016


This was a nice little treat very relaxing. Much needed.

Ana V. - 10/23/2016

Left Me Feeling New

This mineral bath not only smells great but it helped me clear my mind, it restored my energy and left me feeling refreshed.

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