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Product Description

Our Awaken Elixir deepens our sense of spiritual awareness and strengthens the immune system. Gently massage the blend into the hands and breathe it in to induce a meditative state.

The elixir has been activated & charged with the powerful moon energy, imbued with intuition awakening vibrations, mother earth frequency and self love. Spray on wrists, behind ears and on temples.

Ingredients: Sunflower, oil, safflower oil, sesame seed oil, jojoba seed oil, olive oil, Vitamin E and Vitamin A, Frankincense, lemongrass and Cinnamon.

*For external use only.

Customer Reviews

Teresa R. - 10/01/2016

My purse companion

This Elixir is perfect size, I carry it everywhere I go because it smells amazing. Plus it's multi purposed, I use it when i need a moment to calm down, before meditation or sometimes just as a hand sanitizer.

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